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About Hope
Never. Give. Up.

About Hope

When you’ve got nothing left to give - Give it your all

Meet Hope: 22. Tall. Beautiful. Intelligent.
Shoplifter. Coke addict. Reluctant Prostitute.

Living, no, existing in a dead-end inner-city tower block, Hope is a mixed-race working girl abused, battered and pimped-out by her violent boyfriend Ryan: an ex-con and full-time scumbag; a loaded gun just waiting for someone to pull his trigger. No friends. No money. No future. Damaged Goods. But Hope’s got a plan. She’s going to get out. Start a new life. Start again. Box clever. Redemption has a price. But is Hope willing to pay it?

Some hope. The gutter always beckons. You can succumb and die. Or fight and maybe – just maybe – live. When Hope turns against her life of violent squalor and prostitution, help comes in the unexpected form of Sandman Jackson – an over-the-hill washed up ex-boxer. Down on his luck, Jackson sees in Hope a future he couldn’t give to his own daughter before it was too late.

Teaching Hope to box and have respect for herself for the first time in her life, the story builds to a climactic finish: As Hope steps into the ring for the first time against a much stronger opponent so her ex-pimp Ryan and his gang turn up loaded with coke, hate and a stolen handgun. Hope must learn to face her demons inside the ring and out. This is either her finest hour – or her final hour.



Gemma Wilks

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Tim Faraday (Snatch, Gangs of New York), Faisal Mohammed (Krypton, Legend of Tarzan)




Hard-hitting, gritty urban drama




Screenplay, Budget Topsheet & Finance Plan completed.


David Rogers (Waste Disposal, Grindsploitation) (Music videos: Asylum, Breed, White Rider, Deeper and Deeper)

Script by:

Martyn Rowland

Tagline 1:

Never. Give. Up.

Tagline 2:

When you’ve got nothing left to give – Give it your all


When Hope turns against her life in the gutter her biggest battle isn’t the fight in the boxing ring, it’s the one inside her head.