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Mr Monster
Eat. Sleep. KILL MONSTERS. Repeat.


We have been made aware that unreputable persons have been trying to fraudulently contacting people using our Company name, ie Amplitude Films Ltd / despite our request for them to stop.

Therefore, if you receive an email or any form of communication from ‘Steven William’ or ‘Roy Walter’ please DO NOT reply or give them any of your details whatsoever. We have alerted the authorities so that they can take appropriate action, but please help us by reporting their details to the authorities / web hosting service as well.

Please note that we are NOT contacting people for any reason whatsoever, and should we ever do so in the future, then it will only come direct from an email address.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thankyou, and have a Happy New Year!

Best regards David Rogers (the real one)