The Hiker by Amplitude Films
The Hiker
In the middle of nowhere, there’s nowhere to run

The Hiker

In the middle of nowhere, there’s nowhere to run

On an extreme-trekking holiday on the 200-mile-long Cape Wrath Trail in the Scottish Highlands the weather closes in on two adrenalin-junkies, Professor Matthew Brady and his new wife Sarah.

They’re forced to take shelter in one of the many Bothy’s dotted around the mountain – a stone-built shelter that mountain walkers can take refuge in. But in the hut they’re confronted by a disturbed young man whose ankle is badly twisted, wearing nothing but a thin set of blue overalls and in clear need of urgent medication. This young stranger is very agitated but in a huge amount of pain. Against his wife’s advice, Matthew volunteers to go back to the nearest farm which is nearly a day’s trek away to get an urgently needed Doctor and summon Mountain Rescue.

The man has calmed down and apologises for frightening them. Matthew leaves by himself, leaving his wife to tend to the stranger.

Arriving exhausted in the small hillside farm a day later, Matthew discovers that the entire farming family has been savagely murdered. The phone lines have been cut, the generators burned. To his horror, in the workshop there is a set of blue overalls missing.

Matthew realises that the young man is the murderer – and that he now faces a life-threatening journey back to rescue his wife. Cold, alone but with a grim determination, the film tracks one man’s desperate journey to save his wife.

Matthew has the presence of mind to release all the animals in the hope that they’re seen by someone. Then he grabs as many makeshift weapons as he can and sets out on the long trail back to his wife. And the murderer she now shares a cabin with.


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Tim Faraday, Martin Pirie








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David Rogers


AMP: Gemma Wilks, David Rogers

Script by:

Kieron Evans, Gemma Paul


Dead Calm in the Scottish Highlands


In the middle of nowhere, there’s nowhere to run


Rescuing a lone hiker from certain death, Professor Matthew Brady and his wife take shelter from a mountain storm. But that’s when they realise there is much more to this Hiker than he’s letting on…