The Pike by Amplitude Films
The Pike
We’re gonna need a bigger float

The Pike

We’re gonna need a bigger float

The Authorities don’t believe sightings of a giant Pike in the Thames, so when anglers start to go missing the Police launch a major manhunt which draws a blank. It’s not until the mangled remains of a swimmer wash up at low tide near Chiswick that DI Bjork realises that the killer won’t be found on the land – but in the water. It’s also 18-feet long with 6-inch teeth.

Where did this nightmare creature come from? And how the hell do you catch something that can rip-up a motorboat in a river that is 250 miles long and 80 feet deep?

Can the bungling River Police, a marine biologist, a heavily armed gung-ho trophy hunter and a team of eco-warriors save the day….or will the giant Pike pick them off one by one?

The Pike by Amplitude Films


Gemma Wilks

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Tim Faraday (Snatch, Gangs of New York), Ian Pirie (Les Miserables, Die Another Day), Victoria Donovan (The Borrowers, Saved), Gemma Wilks (Jenna the Great, Skullz)




Comedy Horror




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David Rogers


Gemma Wilks

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David Rogers


Jaws meets Lake Placid

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Still waters run deep red

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We’re gonna need a bigger float


When anglers and swimmers start going missing in the Thames, a national newspaper puts up a bounty of £1M for anyone who can catch The Freshwater Shark or The English Jaws as the Press are calling it. A crazy free for all ensues. Can the net be closed on the giant Pike – or is something fishy going on?