Mr Monster by Amplitude Films
Mr Monster
Eat. Sleep. KILL MONSTERS. Repeat.

Mr Monster

Eat. Sleep. KILL MONSTERS. Repeat.

Who is Mr. Monster?

Doctor Strongfort Stearne is a dynamic, dashing Advisor on the Occult to the NYPD, better known to the world as MR MONSTER. Descended from a long line of Mr Monsters going back to WWII, Doc Stearne has sworn to uphold his family’s proud tradition and now dedicates his life to protect the world in finding Strange Creatures, Things that Go Bump in the Night, Weird Abominations from Hell… AND DESTROYING THEM!

Presently living in a modern, sprawling mansion in Greenwich Village (downtown Manhattan) with his glamourous assistant Kelly, Doc Stearne is the Great-Grandson of an amorous (but risky) coupling between the WWII Mr Monster Jim Stearne and a female Vampire: the one and only Lilith, Daughter of Dracula. Now, the modern-day Mr Monster fights evil wherever he finds it with natty one-liners, killer quips, and two huge machine-gun pistols. The only problem is… evil sometimes finds him first.

Now, somebody somewhere is creating monsters to order and unleashing them on the local Villagers. Can Mr Monster shoot his way into a booby-trapped mountainous castle and have a serious word or two with Baron Victor von Frankensteiner and his undead army of Transvestite Zombies? Or will the Werewolf Motorbike Club have something to say about it first?

IP: The Creation of Mr. Monster

Mr. Monster was derived from an old 1940’s comic-book character created by Fred Kelly but appeared only twice in 1940’s comics. Mr. Monster was rediscovered in 1971 by writer and artist Michael T. Gilbert when he discovered a coverless comic with a Mr. Monster lead story in it. Loving the story, Gilbert decided to revive the character if ever given the chance.

Michael T. Gilbert: “That chance came 12 years later. I was working on Elric for Pacific Comics in 1983 when the editor of their new Vanguard Illustrated comic anthology invited me to create a new series for their book. I remembered that strange old character who specialized in killing monsters and decided to use it as a rough blueprint for my own original revamped version of Mr. Monster. I’d create an entirely new character from the ashes of the old! Dr. Jim Stearne was gone – now replaced by Dr. Strongfort Stearn. The costume was re-designed and new supporting characters invented: a reluctant werewolf-accountant named Myron, an evil werewolf-biker named Crudlick, and most important of all, Doc Stearn’s lovely assistant, Kelly Friday, named in honor of Fred Kelly.” After trademarking Mr. Monster, Gilbert heavily revised the character creating a Horror/Humor hybrid which often featured heavy satire of both the horror genre and superhero comics in general.


Gemma Wilks

David Rogers


90-minute feature film


Michael T. Gilbert has given us permission to develop his reimagining of the original Mr
Monster into a feature film, subject to approval.






Camp, OTT, Zany Shlock-Horror Feature Film




Screenplay, Budget, Finance Plan & Schedule to follow




Gemma Wilks; David Rogers

Screenplay by:



The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Van Helsing


Eat. Sleep. KILL MONSTERS. Repeat.


There’s a new breed of Superhero in town, dedicated to finding strange monsters, nightmare creatures and things that go bump in the night AND KILLING THEM.


Punk Rock, R&B, Original songs