The Giant Under The Snow

The Giant Under The Snow

A Demon Warlord to battle. An Undead Army to defeat. Homework can wait.

The Giant Under The Snow is a 90-minute action-adventure feature film where ancient myths and legends collide with the modern world.

The story show’s that no matter how small and insignificant you may feel one person really can make a difference in this world. The screenplay is based on the classic and much-loved 1968 children’s novel of the same name but brought up to date for the 21st Century and there are two sequels planned. Options have been acquired for film, tv, merchandise, gaming, soundtrack album and the stage.

The Publishers have also agreed to re-release the novel to coincide with the Marketing Campaign for the film.

Set in a snowy Salisbury at Christmas, it’s an action-packed story of how Jonk and her two school friends unwittingly bring a Demon Warlord and his ancient army of withered Vikings back to life. The three children stumble across an ancient relic containing a dark and mysterious power which the Warlord covets. In a desperate race against time our unlikely heroes must discover its secret, fight the Demon Warlord and his undead Vikings, and defeat a mighty Earth Giant.

What could go wrong? It’s time for Jonk, Bill and Arf to learn to bond together, put their petty differences and their own problems to one side and try to save the world.

But can they possibly do it in time…?

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Sacha Bennett - Director

Sacha Bennett


Sacha is currently in post-production on his 8th feature film having delivered Tango One for Universal.

Along with screenwriting credits on his own films, Sacha has produced scripts for Paramount Pictures and the BBC, among others, and has created two feature film franchises.

As a director, he has worked with Academy Award nominee Bob Hoskins, BAFTA/Emmy winner Jenny Agutter, Rita Tushingham, Olivier Award winner Luke Treadaway, Steven Berkoff and Patrick Bergin, to name but a few.

Current projects include Last Pole, a feature documentary following an explorer going beyond the North Pole to a place no one has ever stepped foot, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, LA set thriller, Brown Bread and producing feature film comedy Me, Myself and Di in Wales.

Sacha is a full voting member of BAFTA.

“When I heard about this project, I was instantly interested: The very simple pitch of young protagonists going up against the might of an ancient evil has its roots in classic adventure tales like Narnia and Harry Potter. The 80’s setting stands it apart from most, and echoed the thrills of Stranger Things and The Goonies. Ancient mythology has always fascinated me, and it’s where all good storytelling has originated, so using the Norse legends in the story gives it richness and detail that is lacking in most ‘family’ films these days. Along with the source novel, I started reading the first few pages of the screenplay and the story and characters came alive, and in my head I was watching a fantastic and fantastical film with three endearing leads seemingly on an impossible quest. Treating the children as real characters with depth, wit and humility made the story feel more real, more current, and will certainly strike a chord with the younger audience. On top of all that, its set at Christmas time which has a long legacy of timeless films, and that is my intent with The Giant Under The Snow – to make a modern-day classic family film that will be watched year in, year out, and set up what deserves to be a trilogy of films that will inspire a new generation of story-tellers.”

Trish Rybarczyk - Producer

Trish Rybarczyk


Trish has risen through the ranks of production at a speed that demonstrates her great skill and knowledge of the department, culminating in producing for Hollywood studios like Universal and alongside producer-partner Martin Scorsese.

Working with a range of budgets, Trish has overseen projects through every stage of production from development to post on a wide variety of genres, with stars such as Mark Hamill, Alan Ford, Julian Glover, Jean-Claude Van Damme to, recently, BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall.

Recent projects include the Universal international thriller Tango One, award-winning A Man of Variety and, in keeping with The Bard, Steven Berkoff’s Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains and Tell Tale Heart.

Trish now develops projects through her company Three Wise Monkeys Productions, alongside Sacha, including the feature comedy Me, Myself and Di and Ethel starring BAFTA winner Miriam Margolyes and Professor Green.


90-minute feature film, with option for two sequels based on the much-loved 1968 novel

Time Period:

Just before Christmas.


Film, TV, Merchandising, Soundtrack, Gaming: All territories






Family action-adventure movie




In development


Sacha Bennett (Tango One, We Still Steal the Old Way)

Executive Producer:



Gemma Wilks; David Rogers

Screenplay by:

Tom Williams (Chalet Girl, Kajaki, Base)


The Goonies meets The Game of Thrones


A Demon Warlord to battle. An Undead Army to defeat.
Homework can wait.


An ancient Warlord and his Undead Viking Army hunt for a magical Bronze Age talisman which three schoolkids are hiding.


60’s, 70’s and 80’s music


Gemma Wilks


David Rogers